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Mobile Bleachers For Your Outdoor Portable Bleacher Needs

* First Choice in Mobile Bleacher Seating *

TranSport Mobile Bleachers are the ultimate in mobile outdoor bleacher seating offering the only 10 row high mobile bleacher.  They are highway legal, allowing fast, easy relocation throughout your community.  No more dropping portable bleachers off the back of a truck, no more missing or damaged pieces, and no more injured employees.

Amazing one-person set-up.  Hydraulic actuation provides effortless bleacher opening and closing.  Guardrails are permanently attached and fold with the seats and main frame, so that they will never be lost or forgotten, and no one will forget to latch or unlatch them.

Ideal for parades, street festivals, fairs, arenas, temporary stadium seating, multi-use sports fields, tracks, graduation ceremonies, or anytime that outdoor bleacher seating is needed on a short-term basis.  When not in use, they may be stored in a protected area where they are safe.

See why TranSport Mobile Bleachers by Century Industries are the number one choice in outdoor portable bleachers.

"Use these bleachers one time,

 and you will be hooked for life."

Bleacher set up is a quick, one-person, push-button operation.

Note that the hand rails open with the main bleacher frame - there is nothing to latch or forget to unlatch.  Once the bleacher is fully open, it is immediately ready for people.

 Bleacher features:
bulletTen rows high for increased visibility and more seating per frontage foot
bulletFast and easy, 10 minute, one-person, push-button set-up
bulletGuardrails automatically fold, nothing to forget or damage
bulletHighway towable
bulletOutdoor, all-weather materials and construction

TranSport Mobile Bleachers are designed for active, on-the-go organizations having a frequent need for event seating throughout the community.

Do your "portable" bleachers look like this after one or two moves? 

 TranSport Bleachers pay for themselves in reduced overtime, reduced employee injuries, and elimination of damage to conventional "portable" bleachers.

TranSport Bleachers are built to be moved, eliminating the damage that typically occurs when moving "portable" bleacher sections.

One set of TranSport Mobile Bleachers replaces 4 or 5 sets of conventional "portable" bleachers as they are conveniently relocated as needed.  Most conventional bleachers sit idle and unused the vast majority of the time.

Choice of sizes and seating capacities

bullet180 Seat Capacity
bullet260 Seat Capacity
bullet300 Seat Capacity


Optional features are available to meet different state code requirements including IBC 2000 code.


The high demand for temporary seating in most communities presents excellent bleacher rental opportunities for TranSport Bleachers.  One-person hydraulic operation offers fast, efficient, economical service.  Only TranSport Bleachers permit realistic, achievable same-day, multi-event operation.


Fine tune your bleachers with additional optional features.

Available on GSA & AFNAF Contracts

Rental - For information on companies who rent TranSport bleachers for special events, click here.


Century Industries   *   P.O. Box U   *  Sellersburg, IN   47172-0919
812/246-3371  *  FAX 812/246-5446  *  www.CenturyIndustries.com


Comparison between Century TranSport Mobile Bleachers and Speedy Bleachers manufactured by Kay Park, show that only TranSport Bleachers offer full 10 row seating, accommodating more seats and more people in less space.

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